2023 Budget Workshop

Does the budgeting process stress you out? Have no fear: the ILF budget tactical team is here to help!

The 5th annual 2023 Budget Workshop will take place over the course of one day and will be eligible for LEUs. The workshop will be led by staff from the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) and members of the ILF budget tactical team, including Lynn Hobbs, Sandy Petrie, Beka Lemons, and Melissa Merida. Over 120 library professionals have experienced this program since its inception. 

For only $50, this is a prime opportunity to review your budget line-by-line and prepare it for budget approval. After the program, you'll have the opportunity to join frequent zoom calls with the ILF budget tactical team to refine your budget(s). 


  • $50 to participate. 
  • The Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library hosted the workshop on July 7
  • Registration closed on Sunday, June 25
  • Space is limited - only 40 seats are available for this workshop on a first-come, first-served basis. A waitlist will be started for any cancellations. 

Schedule of the Day: 

Start: 9:30am
End: 4:00pm

  • Welcome and Introductions 
  • Library Budgeting in Indiana
    • Budget Terminology
    • Familiarizing Yourself with the DLGF Website 
    • Logging into the Gateway 
  • Gateway Forms for Expenditures
    • Pre-Budget Worksheet 
    • Current-Year Financial Worksheet (breakout)
    • How to Estimate Expenditures
    • Form 1 - Budget Estimate (breakout)
  • Gateway Forms for Revenue
    • How to Estimate Revenue 
    • Form 2 - Miscellaneous Revenue (breakout)
  • Break for Lunch
  • Working Through the Output Form
    • Form 4-A Budget Report
    • Form 4-B Budget Estimate, Financial Statement, and Proposed Tax Rates
  • Communicating Your Budget
    • Advertising and Calendar Requirements 
    • Form 3 Notice to Taxpapers 
    • Presenting the Budget to Your Board
  • Final Steps
    • Form 4 Ordinance / Resolution 
    • Error Prevention Report 
  • Q&A

For questions, please reach out to ILF staff member, Caroline White.