Our Work & Resources

ILF is committed to being a leader, educator, and advocate for Indiana libraries and the communities they serve. 

Focus on Indiana Libraries

The bi-weekly Focus gives library professionals the news and issues relating to Indiana libraries. This e-newsletter also gives insight into the happenings and work that ILF is doing on behalf of and for its members.

Career Center

Our members' careers are important to us. Giving members this space to post and find career opportunities is vital to the growth of the library profession. 


ILF has the unique opportunity to advocate on behalf of its members on crucial issues pertaining to Indiana libraries. Each year the Advocacy Committee identifies the key strategic priorities that ILF will focus on during the legislative session. 

Awards & Scholarships

Honoring our members, recognizing great books & authors, and providing financial assistance through scholarships are just a few ways ILF celebrates its members and the work they do.