ILF Code of Conduct

Indiana Library Federation recognizes the dignity, value, and rights of every individual. All members, speakers, attendees, exhibitors, vendors, guests, and facility staff are entitled to be treated and expected to treat others with courtesy, fairness, and decency at all ILF events including, but not limited to, meetings, conferences, virtual meetings and events, and informal social gatherings organized by ILF.   

Indiana Library Federation upholds the principles of intellectual freedom. We recognize that disagreements may arise during civil discourse. A critical examination of viewpoints or free exploration of ideas does not necessarily constitute hostility or harassment. ILF encourages individuals to try to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner that affirms the value of each person. 

Indiana Library Federation seeks to provide an environment of mutual respect and inclusion. Accordingly, statements or behavior which insult, degrade, harass, discriminate, or stereotype any other person on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, orientation, appearance, disability, genetic information, age, socioeconomic background, ancestry, religion, or military status are prohibited. 

Any individual who believes they have been the target of harassment or hostile and discriminatory conduct are encouraged and have a responsibility to report to the ILF Office. Any individual who believes they have witnessed harassment or hostile or discriminatory conduct is encouraged to report to the ILF Office. Such reports will be treated in a confidential way as is appropriate. No corrective action will be taken against any individual because he or she reports discrimination or harassment. 

ILF reserves the right to take appropriate action in its discretion to address any individual(s) or group(s) it believes fails to meet the standards for respectful and inclusive conduct.