Rosie Guidelines

The following guidelines have been established to assist in the creation of the annual Rosie Wannabe List. The committee has chosen to label these as guidelines, rather than rules, so that exceptions can be made when members of the committee feel strongly that they have found something extraordinary!

Character Age

It is preferred that the main characters in the book are young adult, high school, or college age to be named to the Nominee list.

Publication Date

Before a book can be named to the nominee List, the publication date must be no more than three years previous to the year for which it is being nominated.


Every effort will be made to find professional reviews of the titles submitted.


A new nomination form has been created to assist with the creation of the Wannabe List. Submissions will now be asked to include title, author, publication date, genre, and at least one reason why the title should be considered.


Rosie Committee

Chair: Tara Foor, Southport High school

Chair Elect: Jennifer Cornelius, Madison Consolidated High School

Past Chair: Philina Martinez, MSD of Pike Township

Click Here to Join the Rosie Committee

Applications close each year on April 30th. New members will be notified in May. If you are not notified by May 30th, the committee seats have been filled. Names will not be held over from year to year, so please apply again the next year. Applications will open up June 1 of each year.

Students interested in serving on the Rosie Committee should also contact the Indiana Library Federation office at (317) 257-2040.


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